Saturday 7 July 2012

Everything comes....

to he who can wait.

One of Hamish's greatest longings is to have Queen Lottie be nice to him. And usually she ignores him.

Queen Lottie rules with an iron fist in a velvet paw, and being nice to the lowest in the pecking purring order doesn't feature strongly in her reign.

But yesterday, busy doing her nails, she mellowed, and the lowliest of her subjects was allowed to creep up to sit on her chair. And then - oh joy! - to have his face and ears washed very thoroughly, as he drooled and purred like a little motor bike, and to sleep afterwards, snuggled up and happy at last.

Not that it will last, of course. Rulers have to maintain their status, subjects have to know their place, and law enforcement round here is not always a pretty sight.

But for an hour, one little ginger cat was in heaven.

PS from Millie:

Action has been taken. Situation returned to normal. You may stand down.


  1. Aaaaaawe :o) Sweet, sweet pictures.

  2. Hamish will remember that when times are tough, even cats pull together.

  3. Even Lottie couldn't resist your charms, Hamish. Well done!

  4. Things are changing for Hamish aren't they?

  5. Such beautiful kitties. They are a solace to the heart.

  6. Sometimes we snuggle together. But never for very long!

  7. Millie - couldn't you just let him have one full day???

    Ah well, I'm glad you found some love and attention for a little while Hamish. (Do they let you read comments Hamish or is that rationed too??)

  8. You kitties have been pretty quiet recently. Is the Gardener keeping you busy?