Tuesday 26 June 2012

Thoughtful design

A garden bench is so useful. This one is mine. I like it because it has a handy gap at the back that allows me to hang my tail down rather comfortably while I think.

I say Rachel should give me a cushion.

Rachel says I'm sufficiently well-padded.

She also says I should have moved along a bit to hide the patches of missing render on the kitchen wall.

I say she should stop fussing and leave me alone to think.

She can call me when it's supper time.


  1. A very stylish bench you have there, Catkin. Nice to see you up and out!

  2. You have an extremely elegant way of sitting - very gracefully with toes pointing outwards. Have you had ballet lessons at all?
    The extra bit of padding Rachel mentioned hardly shows!

  3. And would look very fetching in a tutu.

  4. (I suspect Catkin is thinking mostly about supper and very little about ron de jambe or plies.)

  5. Such a thoughtful looking little cat, and the bench is just right.