Saturday 31 December 2011

New Year's Eve Party People

Not us. We prefer to sleep.

Or eat.

Note: You will have noticed that we are 2 cats short; Scooter is under the sofa; Hamish is behind the wardrobe; both state that it's too late in the evening to have their photo taken. 

We let the dogs join us as a special treat.

Happy New Year 

to all our devoted admirers, you people of such good taste and discernment.

We'll be back next year.


Sunday 25 December 2011


They went out without me today - again. They know I should always come for walks with them, but they can be mean, and try to leave me behind. They often creep out of the house with the dogs, but usually I hear them, and run through the cat flap and round the house to catch them up. Rachel says I can hear a dog-lead being clipped on even if I'm upstairs sound asleep.

Sometimes I'm already outside, and then I can ambush them when they go past.

Some days Rachel is even sneakier: she puts the dogs in the car and takes them somewhere else to have their walk, just to thwart me. They come back wet and smelling horrible, like water and sand; she says I wouldn't like it. But I still want to go too!

So I wait at the window, and people passing by say "Look at that poor little cat, a prisoner in her own home...."

Today while she was putting the dogs in the car, I took matters into my own paws. I got in too. I'm coming with you, I said, with my most assertive look.

Pleeeeeeeease! I added, with my most winning look.

And guess what she did? She made me get out.

She said "Not wanted on voyage, Millie."

Next time I'm hiding under the back seat.

Tuesday 20 December 2011


Millie: I don't trust this fire. I don't trust those candles. I'm not getting any closer.

Scooter: what's not to trust?

Flossie: Cats! Always hogging the fire.

Tosca: At least it keeps them out of my bed.

Thursday 8 December 2011

Layers of contentment

We settled in to our new home quite well.

We liked the garden, and the frogs.

But in the evenings, something was missing.

Thank goodness Rachel caught on at last. 

Our beloved Monstrosity is back where it belongs, in the sitting room.

We are happy now.

Of course, there are always dissidents.....