Friday 26 August 2011


I thought I was busy in Newcastle, but - phew! life is even busier here.

I have to walk with Flossie and Rachel into the woods; it's a long way.

I have a large area to patrol, with many new gardens and high walls. I have to look into the pub doorway to make sure people are behaving nicely. Rachel says there's a fish and chip shop within range, but I haven't been there yet.

I have a garden to take care of, and a birdbath to drink from.

I have a windowsill from which I can perform my Neighbourhood Watch duties on rainy days.

These duties are very tiring.

The others are kept busy too. Hamish practises his hiding skills in the shrubs, sometimes for hours. He is quite dedicated to achieving his goal of total invisibility. Rachel says it's a pity he's so orange.

Scooter is in charge of mealtimes. Rachel says his call to dinner can be heard two streets away. Hamish always hears him and comes out of hiding.

He forgets to be invisible when there's food or treats.

The dogs are just as bad. They start to form a queue when it's dinner time. Rachel says she is bullied and harassed by us all.

And Lottie? Lottie just carries on with being Queen.

She says it's a full-time responsibility.

So I help her when I can.

We all pull our weight round here, but we notice that Rachel doesn't do much. Except smile....