Sunday, 29 January 2012

Exercise class

Just after I finished my last post, I had a bit of a think. What if Rachel was right? What if I was portly, as she calls my sturdy build? Should I start taking regular exercise?

And I realised that I should, if only to tone up my lovely curves a little. So I'm going to run my own Bums and Tums class, several times a week. Each class will include exercise, a nutrition seminar (practical), rest and relaxation.

I've had two sessions so far.

For the first one, I went outside, and hopped up onto the wall.

I had a good look over into Next Door's garden. They are the people who Hamish and Scooter spy on through the bedroom window.

And then I hopped down again. I have to ease myself into this; no point in straining myself.

I invited Scooter to join in. He's curvaceous and gets called portly too.

Scooter said he wasn't a body fascist like some. He'd stick with his lovely curves, he thought.

So I came indoors for the nutrition part of the class. I checked the dinner dish and went back upstairs for the rest and relaxation session.

The following day, I tried the other wall. First onto the wheelie bin. A promising start, I thought.

And then onto the wall.

I had a good look up and down the other Next Door's drive. That's the house where Millie's Enemies live. She goes into their house to tell them that she is in charge of their drive.

I got a bit stuck under the weathervane thing. Rachel commented that Bums and Tums was just what I needed to focus on, and maybe reduce the nutrition class element. What nonsense.

I cooled down, hopped off the bin, and went inside.

I checked out the dinner dish as part of the nutrition seminar,and went back upstairs to relax.

I didn't do anything today. This exercise lark is a bit boring and repetitive, is all I'm saying.

Maybe meditation is more my thing. I'm good at sitting still, just breathing.....


  1. All that fresh air and movement since you last posted? Too much, too soon. You need to build up to such activity nice and slowly, and keep up your strength!

  2. Beautiful girl !

  3. Our Man is very impressed with our Leg -Stretches- up- the- Wall. But The Secretary asks if we would mind cleaning our feet first, please.

  4. I think you are doing a splendid job, keep it up - but gently ;o)

  5. Do take things gently Catkin, we don't want you to waste away

  6. I'm a staunch defender of Catkin (always support the cat), but I have to say I'm surprised she can actually get through the catflap.

  7. Catkin Sweetie, you are my kind of cat! I do like a big warm armful of furry sweetness such as yourself! Don't go getting yourself too tired out now!

  8. Embrace your curves, sweetie, I can so identify!

  9. Catkin, I too am still looking for a form of exercise that I enjoy. Perhaps you could try accompanying Millie and Rachel when they go for their walks. Or, maybe we could find a sort of meditation that melts the pounds away.

  10. Catkin, I've only recently realised you cats have your own blog. I think it's wonderfully entertaining and great to know just what you think about life and how you cope with Rachel. Talking of Rachel, you may have to enlist her help a bit. I've awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award. If you pop over to my blog you can see how it works. Please don't think you have to find five other cat or human bloggers to award. I haven't. I've only awarded you.
    I've been feeling a bit portly lately - maybe I should find a wall to hop up onto..? Keep up the good work.

  11. May I be the first to congratulate you all on this well deserved accolade? What a team. Keep up the good work.

  12. Oh, Toots, you have a wonderful look of Margaret Dumont - far too stately and bemused to stoop to exercise.

  13. Catkin, if I could hop up onto a wall - or anything else for that matter - I'd be more than pleased with myself. As for the boredom bit, perhaps you need an exercise buddy. Scooter won't oblige but maybe someone else would.