Sunday, 1 January 2012

Big trouble

We are in deep disgrace.

First Rachel found a tiny black feather in the kitchen.

She said her heart sank. Humans are such dramatic creatures!

She investigated further.

Two more feathers in front of the sofa (and a lot of dog hair, we notice - she hasn't hoovered for days. She says a) she's ashamed, and b) she may get her eyes tested soon).

So she looked under the sofa....

....and lifted it up.

She removed our dead blackbird, and wrapped it up in paper. We think she is going to eat it later.

Then she took our pictures. For an Identity Parade, she says.

Tosca and Flossie are going to snitch, apparently.


  1. Waitaminute! How come Millie figures TWICE! And why is Hamish not also presumed guilty?
    If Rumpole was on this case he'd make dogs' meat of any canine testimony.We bet he could find evidence to support a counter-suit against Mrs. Danvers for gross mental and emotional deprivation[locking Millie out of the car and refusing her legitimate exercise, et cetera]
    As for Lottie and Scooter being "known associates"...well, we all know or know of some shady characters.
    But if you are sent to prison, we'll send a file-in-a-cake!

  2. C'mon, Geiger & Sporran - that's not Millie twice, but Millie once and Catkin (3 times her size and weight) once..... The likely murder suspect is Millie; the choice of sofa for hiding and plucking the body points to Scooter..... Hamish would have hidden it upstairs, because the sitting room is still scary to him!

  3. The Prosecution refrains from badgering the witnesses, but must ask, how they managed to smuggle the contraband past the Warden and into the secure cellblock? Shoddy security at key checkpoints...

  4. When I said (only yesterday!)that you lot were likely to keep Rachel on her toes I did not mean on the first day of the new year! You could have waited (or at least hidden the evidence better, although I expect there would have been a smell at some stage!!!).

  5. Scooter looks innocent. But the rest seem to have intent of evilness in their eyes.

  6. Couldn't possibly be Catkin, she couldn't move fast enough. And looks like she's more interested in pies anyway (having already eaten all of them).

  7. It's the most innocent-looking that you have to mistrust - difficult to choose among your crew. Are you sure it wasn't Tosca?

  8. Lottie, you have your innocent look perfected. Was it you?

  9. On second thought, I'll bet you all plotted together, like an Agatha Christie story.

  10. With only one cat, we always know who to blame. He isn't big into birds, mostly voles, chipmunks and rabbits. But he usually brings them home still kicking so we are able to save some!

  11. Oh dear, calamity strikes. I don't suppose anyone is going to own up.