Saturday, 21 January 2012


When I was a kitten, this teddy was my favourite toy.

We talked.

We cuddled.

We wrestled.

We snoozed.

I'm all grown up now, and I don't play with toys any more.

So Rachel gave my teddy to Flossie.

Rachel has to wash it more often now.

Flossie is thrilled to bits with her new teddy.

She says she's going to start collecting orange toys.

Happy for you, Flossie.

Me, I'm waiting for Spring. Then I shall start collecting frogs again.

I don't care what colour they are.


  1. oh, Rachel! I don't thank you often enough for these! Thank you, thank you, thank you! They are wonderful...

    Kathie in upstate New York

  2. Sweet story. Shouldn't the head be five cats iso four now. I like Catkin very much, he or she must be included!!

  3. See Scooter, Mrs D did know best all along. She knew that you'd like nothing better than a supply of fresh frogs!!!

  4. Yes, indeed! I can't wait for frog season either!

  5. Oh, I can comment here. I can't on your other blog (I mean Mrs Danvers's own one) - the comment thingie flashes up and then the whole screen goes blank. Grrr. (Ooops, maybe you don't like people going grrr.)

  6. Flossie is a comic genius.