Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Eve Party People

Not us. We prefer to sleep.

Or eat.

Note: You will have noticed that we are 2 cats short; Scooter is under the sofa; Hamish is behind the wardrobe; both state that it's too late in the evening to have their photo taken. 

We let the dogs join us as a special treat.

Happy New Year 

to all our devoted admirers, you people of such good taste and discernment.

We'll be back next year.



  1. A very happy New Year to you lovely creatures, wherever you may be hiding!

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  3. And a very happy New Year to all cats and dogs (and mice and frogs) at large.

    PS: Catkin needs to learn that you don't put your big fat feet into your dinner bowl!

  4. It was, we are pleased to report, a fairly quiet night here. There were some cracker bangs down on the beach, but far enough away not to scare us.And all the neighbours must have gone a-partying elsewhere!
    We hope you have a wonderful year; no nasty needles, yucky pills or prison sentences. Lots of snuggles, walks, treats and friends.

  5. I hope you all agree that Mrs D has done a very fine thing in moving you all somewhere warmer, with a garden, with country walks, with woods and beaches for the barking ones, and old stone walls for the basking-in-the-sun ones. Have a wonderful 2012, all of you.

  6. Catkin! I was worried that you'd pined and faded away somwhere... :)

  7. Happy New Year from an affectionate fan... I like your New Year's Eve style.

  8. Happy happy 2012!! Is that Catkin in the dinner pan? That is one big cat!

  9. All you kitties and woofies have a Happy New Year.
    xoxo Kassey

  10. happy New Year my lovelies xxxxxxxx