Thursday, 8 December 2011

Layers of contentment

We settled in to our new home quite well.

We liked the garden, and the frogs.

But in the evenings, something was missing.

Thank goodness Rachel caught on at last. 

Our beloved Monstrosity is back where it belongs, in the sitting room.

We are happy now.

Of course, there are always dissidents.....


  1. That adds so much style to a room!!!

  2. The room really needed your Monstrosity, so why did Rachel leave it so long? I'm glad you have it back!

  3. xoxox les chats trois de rue leNoire
    Oliver, BleetNes & Virgil

  4. How good to see you all once again! I hope once all the renovating is done, you will come out for visits more frequently. And don't you all look cozy and happy on your perches!

  5. What a clean Monstrosity. My lads' one is so battered and filthy that it's very doubtful it will make it to the new house. I just hope they'll forgive me.

  6. You all look so comfy in your new home!

  7. p.s. I think I need to get a monstrosity for my kitties!