Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Rachel - a woman of strange ideas at the best of times - says "No Swearing on your blog!" We say "WTF? (What's This For?) isn't swearing!"

Anyway, this award thing: what is it for? Does it scamper about and let us catch it? Can we eat it? Does it smell nicely of catnip? No.

Annie gave it to us.

We have to say thank you, apparently, although we can't fathom out why. No one says thank you to us when we give them something they don't really want, like a hairball.

Hmmmmm.....maybe Annie just wanted to be rid of it. Like we do with hairballs.....

Ah, now we understand. Thanks, Annie; we'll save ours up for you.


  1. Ah, so generous, so thoughtful.

  2. It will end in tears! Ah, it already did, didn't it?

  3. How to say thank you for something you never wanted and don't know what to do with - this is somethings humans have to do, often several times a year. Just trying to make you feel a little sorry for us!

  4. As their secretary, I know it's not my place to comment on their manners, but I'm embarrassed by how ungrateful and rude these cats are. Usually they reserve this for me; it's unusual for them to reveal their lack of manners to the outside world. I'm so sorry, Annie.....

  5. It seems you kitties are angling for edible awards only.

  6. Dear cats - I love your blog, hairballs and all. I'm sorry I sounded a bit 'anti-awardish' in my correspondence to your secretary! I think moderate swearing is quite acceptable, even with an award - they can't take awards away from you. The time, to be really careful and moderate, and to sweep up the hairballs, is if you're given a Knighthood..!