Saturday, 25 September 2010

Refined taste

We are ladylike cats, Millie and I. The boys are just hooligans, splashing water about, dipping their paws in the bowls, leaving a lake of spillage behind them.

Not us. 

Of course, we'd really prefer crystal glasses, but Rachel doesn't seem to leave the crystal glasses unattended, just common or garden tumblers.

Rachel muttered something about hygiene when she spotted us sharing her water. Silly woman; we don't mind her germs.


  1. Hey, Hamish! That looks like a good game. Does it make a noise, too?

  2. Tell her to buy wider glasses for you!

  3. You are just encouraging my Lottie love with that photo!

  4. I just wait until the people are asleep, and drink out of the water glasses on their bed stand. I only spilled the water about 10 times (bonus: it got the man up in the morning for 5am breakfast!), when they started putting them in short heavy bottom vases.
    Lola (my brother Beansie likes to sleep in)

  5. Oh yes ~ you sweet kitties for sure need crystal glasses ~ only the finest for you I think! :)

    xo Catherine

  6. Thankyou for coming over to sing happy birthday to us. The Man felt guilty that we didn't get a treat!So he saved some rice pudding for us!