Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Unwanted guest

What a dreadful day.

Rachel had made special biscuits. "We are having visitors" she said. "You won't like them."

How right she was. A lady with a dog.

Not just any dog - a HUGE one, with a tongue a  mile long, just hanging out of its mouth like a wet baby blanket. So unnecessary; so vulgar, we thought.

We came down to look at it. Scooter came first, and after staring for a while (he said he couldn't help himself - he'd never seen a tongue like it!) he came upstairs and told us to come and see for ourselves.

So we did. Cautiously.

Anything with a tongue that size could have teeth to match, we thought, and we were right.

So uncouth, those big gnashers!

That dog had no manners. It rolled on the carpet without a shred of dignity.

It took one of our toys without asking.

It chewed it! We can never play with it again - it has dog-drool on it!

We were glad to see the back of those visitors, we can tell you.

Afterwards, Rachel said we had behaved very well; no one swore, or scratched anyone else; no one threw up on the stairs. We set a good example.

We bet that dog didn't notice.


  1. Could this dog have been visiting to decide whether he liked Rachel? Of course he liked all of you, no question, even though you were a bit wary. He is big, isn't he?

  2. I do wonder if you cats will ever recover. I like the photo of all of you lined up, coming to take a look!

  3. We notice Hamish was "conspicuous by his absence."
    Now, we regret to tell you that The Secretary has just read Rachel's post. Oh dear! She really *is* Mrs Danvers, isn't she?
    If/when that dog comes back (yes, we're afraid it will!)we suggest you show a united front. Be intimidating,stare, hiss, show spikes if you must, but DO NOT BACK DOWN.And insist that Mrs D. gives you your treats first.

  4. We would like a report, please from the tiny dog. Les Gang,
    Winnie, Bleet, Oliver & Gus

  5. I love the photo of you all lined up... where is Hamish?

  6. Lady, you made my day! I just found this blog and am enchanted... thank you!