Monday, 20 September 2010

Kingsize beds!

Mrs Danvers is a bit odd these days.

It all started with that big black dog that came to our house a couple of times. Mrs Danvers didn't seem to mind it at all, in spite of the tongue, and the smell. I refused to go downstairs; I don't intend to meet it, ever.

Then she got the old red bed out of storage, and put it in the kitchen. I tried it for size. Nice and roomy, but I thought it was a bit uncomfortable. Mrs Danvers said it was a good bed for damp dogs. That was puzzling. I'm a cat, and I'm never damp.

Tosca tried it too. She's damp sometimes, but she didn't like it either.

Mrs Danvers must have realised that she'd got it wrong, and that I expect some degree of luxury. She went out today and came back with another bed for me, to go upstairs.

Much much better! High sides, nice soft material, comfortable and warm, and a good colour for my beautiful orange fur.

I like this bed.

Mrs Danvers gave a funny little laugh when I settled down in it.

Like I say, she's a bit odd.


  1. Oh Hamish, Mrs. Danvers has some more surprises in store for you... but you'll be fine, don't worry!

  2. Dear Team (and especially my darling M. Millie avec les Nose Noire)

    Please rest assured that I (we) read every word posted here on Les Chats Dinnertime blog each and every day and I (we) are all very impressed with the ever growing tally of mice. I (we) are tres impressed by "her" hunting abilities, & her egging techniques are almost too much for our felineness to stand. Your biggest fan(s).

    xo, Oliver (& les Gang)

  3. I would recommend staying in that bed. Vigilance. Squatters' rights. That's all I'm saying.

  4. Oh dear. That big black dog might not be so bad, you know. She is youg and has a very wavy tail - the sort that can be blamed if things get broken. She can reach and jump - perhaps foodie things will get tasted?
    You will have to put your little heads together - there will be all sorts of possibilities for passing on the blame!

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