Monday, 6 September 2010


I often bring Rachel a mouse.

I've seen her run about after them, if they're still lively, that is, but that's usually when she grabs me and throws me out of the room. Sometimes the dog and Scooter get thrown out too, and yesterday she chased Hamish, who got my mouse first and was growling over it on the stairs, and made him drop it.

But I'm not sure what she does with all those mice. I've never seen her eat one.


  1. Oh! We go through the same pantomime here, although our chase-of-choice is skink.Or gecko.The Man is hopeless! He faffs around with a plastic tub and a piece of cardboard.We keep trying to show him the lunge-and-grab method, but he's awfully dim.
    And they never eat these trophies. Maybe that's all they are? Just trophies.

  2. Some humans are just plain ungrateful! You'd think, with her wanting her house nicely arranged and that, she'd have a display of them somewhere, just to show everyone what a superb hunter you are. We'll have to work on some ideas!

  3. You'd be lucky to find the tail and maybe a foot at our house - Sid is well fed too!

  4. My cat Katie had a very un-cat-like reaction when a mouse showed up in our house... she turned around and fled in fear from it! It wasn't a very big mouse, either. Crazy cat!

  5. Well, Millie, perhaps you would be bewildered too by the offering of my Oliver-black-cat, who bought me a mouse earlier having crunched its head up for early supper - I wasn't keen on decapitated mouse, I'm afraid.

    Tell you something, though - if you can bring home a frog or too for Rachel that would add a whole new dimension to your games - vertical takeoff!!