Tuesday, 31 August 2010


When we went out this morning, our mouse had gone away.

We were disappointed. What did it do that for? We were having fun.

In the afternoon, Millie brought us another one, and this time she let it go in the sitting room.

Rachel wasn't very happy. All her visitors knew about the mouse, because we kept coming in to look for it. That's what gave it away, Rachel says - "You have a wild fanatical glare in your eyes, all of you!" How she exaggerates; we were simply being alert and attentive.

The mouse sat in a tiny space behind a cupboard. We could smell it, but we couldn't reach it.  Eventually Rachel caught it in a box and let it go amongst the trees. She said it seemed unharmed. Brisk and mechanically-efficient, her technique; no artistic merit at all.

The visitors were happy, but we were disappointed again. Poor Millie. All that work for nothing.

Humans shouldn't go mousing; they don't understand the art form.


  1. I think that one of my cats agrees with mousing being an art form - which is why he occasionally leaves a perfectly lovely and untouched mouse's head right in the very centre of the carpet.

    I do not know what he does with the rest of the mouse. :(

  2. Lots of mice in the country, just waiting for you.

    (Nice photo, but are those chairs getting smaller?)

  3. Humans! They just don't get it.

  4. Pussy cats - ask Rachel what she's planning. Go on. (Woof.)