Friday, 13 August 2010

Water, water...

...everywhere. And such a lot to drink.

Techniques vary.

Rachel knows that we prefer water that has been standing.

 We don't mind if it has bits floating in it. The bits add flavour.

Lottie thinks Rachel's been rather ambitious here!

But she's doing her best. 


  1. Rupert agrees - the bits make it taste better (in his case, from an old, round pig trough bought at an antique fair, with the idea of using it as a bird bath).

  2. where's the one of somebody taking a sip from the toilet? Come on...I know they try it...I had cats once..... plenty of 'em.....and always one would give it a tentative try.....

  3. Wow! The human had an orangie who used to drink water from his paws, too! You kitties have it made!