Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ready for what?

Mrs Danvers ("Call me Rachel" she says, "I'm not really that frightening, am I?") has been changing things around. It's very mysterious.

Rachel says she knows I like to sleep in hidden corners.

She bought us a new bed. There are never enough cat beds in this house, she says, usually when she sees our fur on the furniture. She should keep the dratted dog out of them, then, is what we say.

First of all, the new bed was placed near the Cave. After a few days, I felt brave enough to sleep in it. Nothing bad happened.

Then the bed moved to the Cave's entrance. That was ok too.

And then one day  it was inside the Cave. I tried it out, but carefully. I ran away if Rachel came too close to my Cave. She checked up on me a lot.

But now it's my favourite place; I love it in here!

Recently I heard her tell someone that she was getting me used to being in the Cave, and she mentioned a long car journey. Scooter would be in there too. Scooter? He doesn't come in the Cave!

She said we had to be Ready.

Somewhere in the distance, I can hear alarm birds calling.


  1. The thing about Mrs Danvers is that she was very, very devious. You will think that Rachel has turned very cruel on the day that she shuts the cage door, but actually she is being as kind as kind can be.
    How many other humans would move house to somewhere milder, with GARDEN attached, just for the sake of the cats in her life. (I don't think the dog minds that much, although she probably finds the east winds a bit biting up there!).
    This is all for you!!!

  2. Dear team,

    tres clever that Mrs. Danvers is - we recently watched Rebecca - the infamous Mrs. D excellently played by Dianna Rigg.

    Our own Mrs Danvers latest bit of kitten cruelty is to sprinkle the outside kitchen window sill with peanuts and sunflower seeds so that the cute rodents (chipmunk & red squirrel) can stuff their cheeks, happily, inches away (with only a screen between for protection) from the fierce & feared, faces of inside hunting duo - Gussie Gus & Oliver. Cat cardiac arrests are imminent.

    Back to our pillow topped watch. Over and out
    G & O (and Nessie too)

  3. Mrs. Danvers is a clever lady. I hope you will learn to trust her. She provides you with very posh beds.

  4. oooh, clever old stick, that Missus...... hahhah....

    ...good plan Rachel.... worked like a charm. He'll be ready to travel..

  5. Hello! Popping over from Slow Lane Life. My goodness ~ so many beautiful kitties here. Very enjoyable!

    I will be back! :)

  6. Scooter says:

    Good, we hope you will be back, Catherine. It takes us ages to decide what to write, you know, then Rachel goes on at us about our grammar.... We were on the point of giving up our blog, as we felt no one cared.......

  7. "We were on the point of giving up our blog, as we felt no one cared....... "

    Don't you dare! Yours is a 'must read' blog - I love it when I see that you've posted!

    My cats look over my shoulder to see what you've been up to - I think that it might give them Ideas.