Sunday, 29 August 2010

Elementary, my dear Watson

Some greedy cats present themselves at top speed whenever the fridge door opens. Usually a waste of effort. The fridge contains some awful things, like tomatoes and pesto; treats aren't always guaranteed. Treats like milk....

I'm more subtle than that.

I present myself as soon as I hear the kettle being switched on. Rachel says I can hear a kettle boiling from two streets away. I know exactly where to position myself - near the kettle.

And why?

Oh come on, think. Kettle = tea.

Tea = milk (not pesto, or parsley, or nasty chutney)

And there's usually some for me. Readiness and timing, that's all it takes.



  1. Oh you are one very smart kitty. My kitty can hear a yogurt tub opening from the farthest corners of the house. :)
    xo Catherine

  2. Milk? Is it nice to eat? Or do you drink it?
    Our people drink black coffee so we don't know about milk.Dinah says water is better for us.
    We will ask her for some milk and make our own decision. Then we'll post the results on our blog.

  3. Millie says milk doesn't agree with every cat (gas!) and that water is definitely better for you, but oh, milk is dee-licious!

  4. Rupert loved his milk. It had to be full-fat, bought just for him. Didn't like the milk bowl near the cat food, it had to be near the water bowl. If it was empty, he would just stand there and wait.
    Today, for the first time, we only bought milk for ourselves. We miss him. He would approve of you having milk though.