Saturday, 2 October 2010


That Mrs Danvers.

Treachery of the first water. 

Our dog agrees.

There may be reprisals.

That's all we're saying.


  1. Which of you is going to be brave enough to sleep on the radiator bed above Florence?

  2. oh my the tiny dog - she makes my heart weak I love her so. I predict that she and the giant black dog will become the best of friends once dear Tosca remembers that Flossie is exactly what she'd been dreaming of. No longer the lone canine bossed & ruled over by chats - A new team soon will be forming over at NuT, look out !

    Please post plus de photos and blow by blow details

    xoxoxoxo, les Gang

    Sadly the cowboy cannot look at Flossie for she reminds him so of his third wife, a beautiful large black lab named Abby - the dog he had said goodbye to (in her 12th year) just a month before our fateful first meeting in the park. His tears of grief that day made me fall instantaneously in love with him.

    that and the rose quartz ;-)

  3. So Tosca has become "our dog" now, has she? Five against one, is that what you little ones think?
    I think that Flossie will win you all over in a very short while. Then it can be six against Mrs Danvers!

  4. Such sweet pups ~ and such comfy places to relax! ;)
    xo Catherine

  5. Dog is man's best friend, my darlings, and Flossie will be yours too, if you just let her (Tosca, you know this) x