Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Another fact demonstrated: Cats are cleverer than wolves. And much more subtle.

This is what the wolf did the other day.

"Get in your basket!" Rachel told it, when it was watching her eat her dinner. It has long strings of drool sometimes; most inelegant. Rachel doesn't want a drooly-chops wolf sitting beside her.

The wolf's own basket is at the other side of the kitchen. Tosca's basket is beside the table, because she never drools at mealtimes, just looks quietly hopeful. Or plain pathetic.

And it works. She gets little treats from Rachel's plate. "I know, I know, I'm making a rod for my own back!" Rachel says when anyone reminds her not to feed animals at the table.

Lottie sometimes gets up on the table at mealtimes, but Rachel objects to that too, so she sits on a chair instead. Rachel says she should have her own plate and spoon, but Lottie gets little treats too. She especially likes omelettes.

Hamish doesn't bother; he sits under the table sometimes, but he runs away from treats. They might be poison, he says; trust no one, he says, especially Rachel.

I don't scrounge, as Rachel so rudely puts it. I just sit within reach of any tidying up that needs to be done; you know, in case titbits fall onto the floor and have to be cleaned up. I'm helpful that way.

But when the wolf was sent off by Rachel, it thought it could fool us by getting into Tosca's basket instead of her own. As if we couldn't see that it was bursting out of it!

It didn't work, anyway. Rachel said that there were going to be changes round here from now on; no more feeding at the table.

That wolf. Troublemaker.

But we will find a way of changing her mind. We won't tell the wolf though.


  1. Quite right! Passing intelligence to a wolf is just asking for the Enemy to sneak up behind you.

  2. Haha ~ love kitty sitting at the kitchen table ~ sweet eyes looking for treats! :)

    xo Catherine

  3. Don't believe Rachel about changes - she's way too soft. And cats are more than equal to a wolf when it comes to tactics, just bide your time!

  4. hahahahha.... Florence Big Bum.... it barely fits! Poor little Tosca... she's even lost her own basket now...

  5. Glad you help with the tidying up! Hope Florence didn't break Tosca's bed.

  6. I love these pictures - especially Florence and her drool and Lottie at the table. So cute!

  7. My cats know they shouldn't get on the table, but they gang up against me with my own husband. He sneaks them tidbits on the table... so my rules go by the wayside! I am outnumbered here.

  8. Oh Lottie, you look like you have BEAUTIFUL table manners to go with those lovely eyes!