Friday, 29 October 2010

Busted again

Rachel had a visitor today. Ann.

Ann worries terribly about cats and dogs, and birds and mice, and anything, really, that is alive and might need looking after. She feeds the birds in the park, for heaven's sake.

"Look out for a little tabby cat with a blue tag" she told Rachel. "I see it down by all that earthmoving machinery for the new footbridge, and I think it's after the robins there. Perhaps you can get near enough to read its name tag."

This is where she meant. To get to the footbridge you go this way:

Round the corner from my house onto this street, heading for the church.

Cross over the road at the church. That patch of grass is my territory!

Walk down to where that little path appears in front of the furthest red car.

That's the one.

Down the steps.

Across the road towards Armstrong Bridge. Turn right.

And head down the hill for the heap of earth.

You've arrived! There's the building work, and the new footbridge. It's meant to be rusty, Rachel says. She says she may be a Philistine, but.....

..... that she's not the only one who thinks it's a very ugly and expensive bridge. You have to click on the picture below to see how ugly it is.

Across from the heap of earth is this. A gap. Look closer!

It's a main road!

A very busy main road that goes to the seaside.

Anyway.... when Rachel heard Ann talk about the tabby cat, she took her into another room, where I was sitting just minding my own business, and pointed to me. She didn't say anything, but she had That Face on again.

Ann looked at me. She looked at my blue tag. "That's the one!" she cried.

After Ann had gone home, Rachel gave me the most fearful telling-off.

I had to promise never to go near that main road.

I'm going to stay indoors this evening. Promises are very serious matters, and I have to think about this one.

I do like robins though. Why is life so complicated?


  1. Millie, PLEASE keep your promise...

  2. There are times when it's better for all concerned to not know what cats are up to! Rachel will worry even more now! So will we!

  3. Millie Millie Millie....Just because you think you have 9 lives, doesn't mean you should be throwing caution to the wind (or into busy roads). Safety first little lady!

  4. Millie that is a territory to rival the Holy Roman Empire.

  5. Millie you better keep your promise. I regularly drive along that road. And if I see you (I know where those speed cameras are and I've been down that bank to go to Byker to avoid traffic on the cradlewell) I will tell on you.

  6. GASP !!!
    we are stunned & speechless.

    BleetNess, Oliver & Virgil
    (especially Oliver)

  7. She only does it 'cause she loves you Millie. You will keep your promise, won't you?

  8. Sweet Millie ~ please stay in the house and do not wander away too far. It is MUCH too scary out there for pretty kitties such as you. We want you to be safe!

    Warm wishes for a happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  9. Dear Millie....

    Please look at the cute little robins in your own damn backyard!


    your Canuck buddy,

    ps.... please s'cuze the slight profanity... I have to let you know how strongly I feel about this !!!

  10. Well, we have to say we're with BumbleVee and Veronica on this, but please remind Dinah,should she ask, that we do not have robins here. We think (hope!) that she'd prefer a sacrificial feather to a tarmacadamed cat!