Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What tranquilliser dart?

What you looking at me like that for? I've done nothing.

But Mrs Danvers keeps looking at me. She has a strange expression on her face.

She sighs, and shakes her head.

"How on earth am I going to get Hamish moved?" she sometimes says, and she sighs again.

No problem, I say; just walk into the room - I move then, all right. Out of your reach, Mrs Danvers!

She's hard to understand sometimes.


  1. No tranquilizer dart for my Zoey when I moved her and the other three eight years ago; just kitty Paxil three hours ahead of the movers arriving.

    However, it looks like you now have enough experience from your archery lesson to probably dart a lion.

  2. You'll probably need a blowgun along with that tranquilizer dart .... that'll reach 'im...... or a long handled fishing net...

  3. At least worrying about moving the little gang will take your mind off other things!

    Each time I have moved since I've had Rupert I have put him into the cattery for a few days so that the chaos is safely over without him. Not really an option for you though, at that distance. Do they still send pets by train?

  4. It's not the moving that I worry about. It's the catching. If I can catch high-speed Hamish, and stuff him in his travel cage, I can cope. But I've never caught him yet......and he's lived here since early December.

  5. Use a group of friends in a pincer movement? Or get advice from your local vet?

    Jan x

  6. Surely he sleeps sometimes? One of my two cats sleeps so deeply that I have before now thought he might have dropped dead without warning (thankfully not!).

    Mind you, perhaps Hamish sleeps with an ear cocked, as befitting his start in life, as opposed to my fat and pampered mog.

  7. He sleeps, but he can read my mind. Not for nothing is he becoming known as The Little Ginger B*st**d.....