Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Keeping her on her toes

Rachel and I have a new exercise regime. It's a type of circuit training, with bending and stretching and some sprinting.

This is how it goes: I dash in with the latest mouse (8 so far, and more to come), and she dashes after me. She's pretty good at sprint starts. I drop it, she makes a dart for it, I pick it up and run like mad, she chases me, I drop it again, and we do this several times. Then I let her catch it. I have to keep her motivated, so I let her win. Humans are easily discouraged, and this one's so lazy she actually prefers dead mice!

At the end of our exercise session, I rush off to the secret location where my mouse factory is based, and Rachel trudges off to a place that she thinks I don't visit to release the mouse under the trees.

Then we do it all again, about an hour later. Burns calories very nicely.

Except when Rachel locks the cat flap, and only lets me in if I don't have a mouse. Then she has to wait till morning when she (or Scooter) can find the dead mouse in the back yard, and put it in the bin. There are 3 in there now. The bin men come round tomorrow, so she can stop moaning about health hazards.

It's heartbreaking, you know, sitting on top of the wheelie bin thinking about my lovely mice inside, but not being able to lift the lid to retrieve them. I should have a display cabinet for them all instead, and share their loveliness with the public. Rachel just gives me her Withering Look when I say such things.

Instead, I have to make tableaux with the fake phoney toy mice! So humiliating.

Sigh.....love those meeces to pieces, I do.


  1. It got to a point last year when I had to frisk my cats for signs of mice as they came in through the catflap - an innocent air, bulging cheeks and a telltale wisp of mouse-tail out the corner of the mouth were giveaways!

  2. You are proving yourself a fine hunter, Millie.

    If Rachel looses too much weight, she can always make herself another cake or two, so I wouldn't worry about that.

    I've heard that country mice have a much finer flavour than town mice. All that clean air, I expect. And, if you can convince her to buy a bungalow, there's a chance of open windows to come in by. Much easier to build up a secret stash! Something to look forward to!

    Myself, I've not caught much at all since I lost all my teeth.


  3. Priceless! You're on the way to becoming a first class athletics coach. You know, Millie, that cats are going to rule the entire world one day.