Friday, 25 June 2010

Parcel post

Look what we got today! Not for Rachel - for us!

She helped us to open it.

There were knots.

All sorts of things were inside, but they weren't important. They just gave our parcel its shape.

She took the shape-padding things out, and gave us our parcel.

I got it first. I could detect other cats had been here..... who? Could it have been Oliver?

Anyway..... string!

The boys came to have a look.

And we played with the string for a while.

Then Rachel gave me some of the padding stuff inside the parcel. It smelled of other cats too!

I had to roll in it, and bite it a little.

Scooter wondered what I was doing under there. Just hiding, smelling Nova Scotian cats!

Get off! it's mine.....

Hamish looked too, but he wanted to tear the parcel and make confetti. Such a baby.....

He didn't want to play with the padding stuff that smelled so interestingly of faraway places and handsome beaux.

But Rachel said that actually, it was hers, and that she had needed a jolly new tea towel. She took it away. She said there was also a book about gardens and that she would read it to us. We thought she should find the bits where it tells us about garden birds and mice. Rachel made a tutting sound.

But she left our parcel for us to play with. Then she said we must say Thank You properly, so..........

Thank you very, very much, Susan, from all of us. We love our parcel, and Rachel loves the things you padded it with. She says we are Transatlantic Cats now.


  1. We do hope that "the team" wasn't too dissappointed that the package contained notta fish, mouse or even tiny bit of cosmic catnip (although we are certain that a healthy sample of Black Street cat hair did cross the Atlantic) . The ship to : address perhaps deceiving - however I am glad that they enjoyed the wrappers (twine & paper). I think Oliver is presently gathering a selection of his own personal favourite "cat things" to ship to his true love - M. Millie with the Black Nose - of course she is free to share these future goods avec les team. xo Susan & the cats of Black Street

  2. Rupert is so jealous. He only has parcels at Christmas!

  3. The brown paper is a work of art! You must frame it boys and girls, not tear and chew it.

  4. I love to see you having so much fun!

  5. Cats and kids......... always love the wrapping papers, boxes and strings better than the actual gift it seems.... although, I almost have to add me into that some days.....the tissues, the ribbons....the papers.... all so wonderful.... what fun these guys had! Great photos...