Sunday, 13 June 2010

How long? HOW long?!

Rachel looked it up for me - she has these occasional moments of kindness - and we now know that baby blackbirds aren't fledged for 10-19 days. That's ages!

Me, I will be driven mad before then if I don't get OUT for a few minutes.

Rachel says it's nice to see me eating well and putting on a bit of weight; she doesn't like the stripey stretched-elastic-band look. I tell her it's boredom that makes me do it; I'll be too fat to walk if those birds don't hurry up and leave home. And then how will I catch them say hello to them?


  1. Oh dear. It must be boring. But there is no way she will keep you all indoors once you've moved to the country, and no way she will be able to keep track of everything you do there. So you can dream and plot away for the future. Perhaps some nice wildlife programmes on the telly, or Move to the Country? Or have you seen all those already?

  2. Although we (here at Black Street) very much love live birds, mice and bugs of all varieties Oliver can't help but admire "her" (his one true love Miss Millie with the Black Nose) prowess as an athletic, tres skilled, outdoorsy kinda gal. He also thinks he recognizes the shiny silver fish toy which he sent to her via post along with ALL of his love.