Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Waiting for good-oh

"What are all these boxes doing in the house?" we asked Rachel.

"We're moving." she said. "We're going to have a lovely new house, and everything will come with us in those boxes."

"Can we bring the mice?" Lottie asked.

Not the real ones, apparently. Just toys.

And then Rachel said "You shall have a garden, Millie, and trees. It's going to be good!"

"Good-oh", I said. She gave me that look. She doesn't like it when I'm sarky. "When are we moving with everything and all those boxes?" Rachel said she didn't know; we would have to wait.

So I waited.

And waited.

I can't see any movement.

Waiting is boring.

Maybe she was teasing us.


  1. Please send an empty box to Rupert - his favourite toy!

  2. She's not teasing but you'll have to be patient!

  3. Oliver wants to know why we don't have a window watching waiting tower her at Black Street perhaps the cowboy will build him one.

  4. "here" ... at Black Street
    er, um well ... "her here" also ;)

  5. Waiting sounds very restful to me.

  6. I just now ... third time 'round "got" the waiting for Good- Oh !

    Oliver's been sketching up some plans for the cowboy to build him a waiting window watching tower/chipmunk & red squirrel blind. He's been moonlighting at the kitchen window - his new full time job - bird seed stealing cute rodent surveillance.

  7. Only just "got" the title and that's because I happened to notice that Waiting for Godot is being performed at a Cape Town theatre at present. Kept wondering what you were getting at! I used to be so sharp. Sigh ....

  8. Dinah laughed when saw read this.Then she went around quoting bits from the play.
    We worry about her sometimes...