Thursday, 22 July 2010

Intrepid, me!

This is our look out point. It's very high up.

I used to be frightened up there. Not any more though!

See that ledge, on the far side of the bay window? And the ledge next to it? And the neighbour's bay window? They're spaced out further apart than they look.

If you hop over them, and lie low on top of the neighbour's bay, Rachel might not spot you when she gathers everyone inside for the night. Trouble is, she then shuts the sash window, and you can't get back in when you've finished hiding in the dark.....

Then she gets up at 2.15 a.m. because she can't sleep, and is worried about why you aren't in your usual bed, and goes looking for you.

And she spots your ears sticking up above the parapet of the neighbour's bay window, so she leaves the sash window open, and you can come in again.

But not at once, of course. After all, you are a cat. It wouldn't do to develop obedience. No, you must wait till Rachel has gone back to bed, and come in just when you feel like it. Meantime, you have a wonderful view of fat Hattie wandering about in the street below, because she won't come in either when Suzy calls her, and you can hear a nasty cat fight going on somewhere, but you are safe, and very high up.

But Rachel still can't sleep, and at 4.30 in the morning she comes back down and finds you in your radiator cradle-bed, and what does she do? Scold you and call you a wicked stop-out? Not at all. She strokes you and tells you that you are such a good cat, and so brave to jump across those gaps, especially with your fuller figure. And you purr loudly, because you know it's true.

Tonight she will make sure that the window is closed early, before it gets dark and exciting outside. She says  night time security measures are being Stepped Up.


  1. We noticed the fuller figure.. in the last post, but didn't like to comment. There has been some change since the svelte appearance in the side photo?

    Have you all put on weight? Have you been at the chocolate too? If so, give Rachel a hand, instead of adding to her worries.

  2. Perhaps Scoot is going the way of the Bleet(Ness) initially very skinny in his younger years and now enormous. I keep telling Doug it's his weak metabolism, it's most definitely genetic - I hardly ever see him eat. My big, fat, black velvet chicelet.

  3. I have the same problem (the fuller figure, not staying out on the tiles all night). And I never touch cat food.