Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Acting weird

Not sure what's the matter with Rachel these days.

Firstly, she went off terribly early yesterday.

She stayed away all day, right up until it got dark. Auntie Sandra had to visit us.

Rachel locked the cat flap before she left. She said we weren't allowed out because we had stayed out all the night before, and wouldn't come in when she called us, even at four o'clock in the morning. We don't mind; we need to catch up on our sleep after a night out on the yard walls.

Not Lottie; she's never disobedient, and she likes to sleep on Rachel's bed at night, so she came in when she was called. We didn't; we peeped over the yard wall at Rachel in her nightie in the yard, and ran away a little bit. She said we were villains, and then she went back to bed until 5.30, when she had to get up for her day away.

The dog never goes out on the yard walls so she wasn't told off either. Rachel said that Millie was a bad example to us boys.

Today Rachel read this to us: "The enclosed rear garden measures approximately 140’ and is predominantly laid to lawn with well established flower and shrub borders to either side and at the bottom of the garden there is a river. Adjacent to the property there is a large patio with further patio to the left hand side, raised beds and well established trees namely; magnolia, apple and a copper beech tree."

She told us all that we were going to have a new house, and that we would all be very happy there. "What for?" we asked. "We've got a house, and it hasn't worn out yet."

But she just smiled, and said "Wait and see...."


  1. You lucky boys and girls. "Wait and see" is code for trees, mice, fields and birds that sing, but you're not allowed to play with. It's going to be purrfect! *

    *Well, someone had to say it.

  2. Do you know what a river is? It's like a yard wall only wetter.

  3. Rachel told us about the river, Lucille, and we think you are being a Bad Kitten!

  4. You'd like it here at the moment. We've got at least Three Bad Mice running amok in the kitchen.

  5. Send me your address and I'll pack my overnight bag....

  6. If I lived closer I would most definitely steal "the" dog. She is stunningly adorable, that face of the oh-so-many expressions. LOVE her (and wish that she would post more often). It's all too exciting isn't it? This new home business. What is the closing date ? (that's what we call it here in Canada).

    Oliver's at the passport office as we speak, he's told me that there's lots of room at Millie's new place and that they have decided to finally live in feline Sin.

    Perhaps we could make a trade - Oliver for the tiny dog ?? xo heartless in Nova Scotia

    ps. kidding, k-i-d-d-i-n-g, of course (about the trade) Oliver's bags are indeed packed and there's no changing his mind. He plans to stow away on a the next salt ship leaving our little harbour, hop off again in St. John's, Newfoundland and then onto a freighter bound for the UK. He's packed gravol, Whiskas Temptations and faux fur mice which have been marinating a long time in Cosmic Catnip (his house warming gifts for the team). Over and out.

  7. Rupert (who has moved a few times in nearly 18 years) says that you just have to trust Rachel on this one. She knows about the bigger world, and just what joys are out there, away from the Cold North with lots of concrete.

    She would not take you anywhere that is not exactly right for cats and little dogs. I suspect she would even put your needs above her own.

    I have a sneaky feeling, though, that the place she wants to move to will be just right for all of you.