Friday, 23 July 2010

How do you like your eggs?

I'll bring you one, to cook just as you like it.

I'll carry it carefully in my mouth, and drop it just where you can see it. Maybe at the back door, maybe on the kitchen floor.

You need to be quick to spot it though, because Hamish will run off with it, given half a chance, and will growl if you ask for it back.

He likes his eggs raw. So uncivilised.


  1. And how do you get the eggs? Are you raising chickens in the garden or has one of you learned to open the refrigerator door?

  2. Millie says: I go pigeon-egg shopping, of course. Don't you?

  3. Oh Millie!! How would you like it if some great furry creature swooped down and took your babies away?

    Was it meant as a gift for stressed-out Rachel?

  4. I have found female cats to be especially good providers. It's really quite sweet, her intentions to keep you so well stocked with eggs and so much more pleasant than receiving half dead and severely traumatized creatures.

  5. Poor Mama bird might get quite upset if you take ALL her eggs. That egg is so sweet and small.

  6. Lighdly boil' weeth sorm cream, por fabor.

  7. Lightly poached, on rye toast, please.

  8. Millie says: Estorbo and Sporran - you can be in my Egg Foraging Gang. You have the right attitude. Simba, has no one told you that Nature is red in tooth and claw?

  9. Dear Team,

    OK, OK enough with the silent treatment.
    What's going on over there. We know you're up to something.

    Back to the 24/7 cute garden rodent surveillance

    Over and out,
    Les Gang