Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Scooter regrets.....


What d'you mean, wake up, Scooter, it's your turn to post? 

No!!! please noooooooooooo!!! 

What would I write about? I can't; I just can't. I'm too scared.

Don't make me do it! People will look at me! They might even want to speak to me, or touch me! Help!

I'll climb out here. They can't get at me if I'm outside, on top of the bay window.

Honestly Millie, I can't do it. Don't make me. Look, my paws are shaking. My paws are damp. My whiskers have wilted with fear.

I'm stre-e-e-e-e-essed!

It's all right for you, Millie, you're fearless and a little bit mad. Me, I'm a shy, sensitive soul.

Write about my life? What if people laughed? Rachel laughs at me all the time.

I'll stay out here all night. I'll jump. I will! Then you'll all be sorry.

Er.....it's a bit high up here....

Maybe I'll come inside now.

Maybe I'll tell you about myself next time it's my turn. But you mustn't laugh.

Phew, that was close. They'll have to understand that I'm a cat of few words.

I'm a cat of action.



  1. I know just how you feel, Scooter. I've never been very brave, and I've been picked on by cats in the past. We did live next door to some cows once, and I liked talking to them. They were quite gentle.
    I don't like many people, and I didn't learn to purr until a few years ago, but I have found myself getting happier and more relaxed as the years go by.
    I like where we live now. We have a garden, and over the winter my people made some nice builders re-do my sunroom. I have nice windowsills to lie on, and the rain doesn't drip into buckets when I'm trying to sleep. I can watch all the birds and squirrels. Perhaps Mrs Danvers can be pursuaded to buy you all a garden? She does seem very generous to you.


  2. Dear Mr. Scooter...I understand timid. It is not a "bad thing." Not at all. People just don't always realise that it's often the bi-peds that make us timid.
    I think you are a very handsome fellow.I expect my sister will agree...when she comes back from sneaking around over-the-fence.

  3. Poor Scooter. We, your loving followers, understand what a terrible thing stage fright is. My beloved Ginger Cammy always said that nothing was ever lost by taking things slowly and cautiously. When you're ready to speak, the words will be worth listening to.