Wednesday, 19 May 2010

One small leap for Cat

I got up onto the yard wall today. Me, Scooter the Fearless! Rachel saw me jump back down, so she knows I did it, but she doesn't know how. She missed that bit, but I can tell you it was spectacular.

She's so nosy though, that she got her camera and waited for me to do it again. She thought I couldn't see her, standing at the sink, but I could. Humans are always watching; they need to know everything. It's a wonder we don't have CCTV in this house. A cat has very little privacy - that's why we prefer to go out at night when they are asleep.

It put me off, having her watching like that.

Somehow I just couldn't jump when I knew she was peeking.

I hopped up and down; I couldn't get it right.

Hamish said he was worried about getting squashed if I fell on him.

I waited a while and thought about my strategy.

This is me thinking. I have an intelligent look when I think but Rachel laughs at me.

Hamish said he was tired of waiting. Did I want him to nip my fat bottom and help me jump?

Fat bottom? What a nerve!

And then we gave up. I'll do it again sometime when human spies aren't around.

Rachel says she's going to get me a collar-cam if I continue to develop courage and initiative like this, and I can have my own YouTube account. So there, Hamish. Let's see you jump that high!


  1. Rupert says - "Wait until you have trees of your own to climb - that really gets Him in a panic, although She just walks away and says 'He'll come down when he's ready', which of course, I always do."

    Linda says - He's grown a bit since his blog photo???

  2. what a beautiful private garden and such a perfect spot for brave, curious and very smart cats to hang out in. xo S. (great photos !)

  3. When you make it on to the wall again Scooter (which you will), you can slide down those parallel washing lines a la James 007 Cat.