Thursday, 13 May 2010


On our bench - look! And we missed it!

Mrs Danvers locked the cat flap quickly. That woman has no sense whatsoever.


  1. That's one brave bird, doesn't he know who lives at your house!

  2. I don't know British birds, but it looks like a large version of our chickadee. Do you know, Rachel?

    I have a birdhouse full of baby titmice (a titmouse is a small songbird) on a tree in the front yard. The house is high enough so that the neighborhood cats can't get to it; high enough that I can walk under it and hear the babies peeping.

  3. I reckon it's a Great Tit - easily confused with a Coal Tit (also referred to sometimes as a titmouse) but the latter have a patch of white dividing the black cap. Have a look at

    The cats say it's a Canape....


  4. Hmmm, looking up tits (the birds) on your side and chickadees on my side in Wikipedia, they both are from the Paridae family. No wonder the resemblance is amazing.

    My lot just ignore any and all birds. Never having been outdoors in their entire lives (15 and 13 years respectively), they just aren't interested unless it's dry kibble. And then only during the half hour that they are awake during the day.