Sunday, 19 June 2011

A prisoner's tale 2

I like to spend time looking over the wall at the harsh world Out There.

But it's a harsh world indoors too. I have been re-arrested, and locked in the sitting room.

Why? I plead, I have done nothing wrong! And it's only 8.45 p.m. - much too early to come indoors for the evening!

In the fireplace, there is a bowl of water, a small dish of cat milk (slightly diluted - she's mean like that), a dish of cat biscuits, and in a corner a tray with some weird white plastic cat litter in it. There are some Dreamies too. I love Dreamies.

I shan't eat any of it. I will go on Hunger Strike.

I think that I may be locked up for a long time; she doesn't usually provide me with the essentials like this when she is exercising her capacity for oppression and ill-treatment of innocent cats. Hunger Strike will show her that I am a brave rebel; she cannot break my spirit!

She says I must wee in the weird white plastic cat litter. Then she will collect a sample, and take it to the evil vet tomorrow for inspection. Humans are very, very strange.

Maybe I will go on Urination Strike instead. Those Dreamies are so nice....


  1. Having undergone inside investigations by a human vet, I promise you that having to wee on some strange white stuff is way down the list of humiliation!

  2. I agree totally with the veg artist. I'm sure your human is really ONLY trying to help you - take advantage of all those Dreamies while you can!
    To your human..hope everything is okay.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  3. That Katkor must be very unpleasant to go for a wee onto - slippery little plastic ball-bearings. My can't-be-bothered-to-go-outside cat Domino is resigned to using it if it is in the litter tray, but it is looked on with horror by my manly cat-about-town, Oliver. Litter trays are for cissies, he says!

    Hope you've done the deed though, Scooter, and at least you weren't shoved into the shower cubical first thing in the morning with the tray of special litter and told to get on with it...

  4. Scooter says: It's 10 a.m. and I am sticking to my principles! No wee, nohow!!

  5. Scooter says: It's 1.30, and I remain resolute. Man (or cat) the barricades!!

  6. Is Rachel sure that you haven't had a tiny tinkle where you shouldn't have, Scooter??

  7. Scooter, by now I hope that you have "performed" as it can be distressing on both you and Rachel. I know you hate to do it, but please use that white stuff!

  8. Oh, but Scooter, she does really love you very much. I suspect this is all more difficult for her than it is for you. I wish you both the best.

  9. Sweet Scooter, you must wee for Mommy.
    xoxo Kassey