Friday, 3 June 2011

The Interceptor

Rachel and the dogs often try to go out without me. Foolish creatures. 

I wait; there are lots of places to sit quietly and watch out for them. Then I pop out of the shrubbery. Millie the Interceptor!

Rachel doesn't seem thrilled to see me. They intended to walk right through the park, and for some strange reason, they don't like me to walk so far with them.

We walk for a while, and then Rachel has to take us all home. She mutters under her breath.

I let them wait, while I relax amongst the daisies.

And then I'm ready to go home with them.

Rachel hates to see me crossing this road, but how else can I lie in wait for them in the trees?

And then we reach our back door. She seems relieved that we are all home again.

I enjoyed our little group walk.

Rachel will have to sneak out later, when I have my nap.


  1. I don't know how Rachel sleeps at night, with all the worry you give her!

  2. Oh Millie, please be careful out there! I worry about my kitties, and I know Rachel worries about you too.
    You do look pretty with the daisies...

  3. Oh Millie! You are one of *them*! My puss Jasper used to come for walks with us for miles and worry us silly. He even used to come up the allotment and wait around for us until we'd finished and then follow us home again (don't get any ideas!!)

  4. Gosh Millie my true love
    do be careful

    xoxo Oliver (an inside cat)

  5. I have had two cats that insisted on taking walks with me and the dog. Fortunately I had two routes I could take, both low traffic, but the one is shorter and almost no traffic. Now, however, with the dog gone, I get no company when I take a walk by myself. I admit, it is a relief.