Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee

It's my birthday today. I am three years old, which is a very important and Grown Up age to be.

I've lived with Rachel since I was eight weeks old, and she knows that my birthday must be celebrated.

I have spent the day snoozing on the windowsill.

And I've had treats.

Rachel knows what I like, but it wasn't always so.

In fact, I had a pretty disappointing birthday dinner once, and Rachel promised she would do better in future.

So today I had extra dinner - not the boring dry kibble that we always get, but the nice stuff in a little bag. I only like the meaty gravy ones, and not the jelly kind, or the fish. I had a slice of roast beef too. Very tasty.

I also had those treat sticks - I love those! and can pull them out of the wrapper myself.

Then I had some Philly.

I love Philly very much, but I don't try to open the packs myself, now that I'm Grown Up.

Now I'm going out for the evening. I might go clubbing. Want to come?


  1. Oh! three is, indeed, a very grown-up age. Happy birthday, Millie.

  2. Wow! We are four, but we didn't get that many treats.
    And we must tell the secretary to look for those sticks;they look interesting.
    Happy birthday, Millie-friend

  3. Happy birthday, Miss Millie! You certainly seem to have enjoyed your special treats!

  4. Happy birthday, dear Millie. You have provided your readers with many happy moments watching you grow up to be three years old. Enjoy your treats!

  5. Millie, that was a feast!

    (And a nod to Kevin in the background of that first photo.)

  6. Happy birthday dear Millie! You must have really needed the Philly treat! LOL.
    Don't stay out too late - you still need your beauty sleep ;o)

  7. Happy Birthday Millie, sorry that I can not go clubbing with you, but I would not be able to get there in time. The flight is 5 hours, plus getting to the airport and all....Go have fun.

  8. A very Happy Birthday to you and my what a delicious dinner you had...don't stay out too long!

  9. Happy Birthday, little one. Wow, you have had treats, haven't you. It's very difficult to know what to get a little cat for her birthday, so foodie gifts are probably the best.

  10. She has to be the dearest kitten we've ever seen.
    Rock On M. Millie xoxoxo les Gang

  11. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday, beautiful Millie! I would say you did by the look of those treats!

  12. Hope you had a happy birthday Millie! Love your kitten photo!