Monday, 12 September 2011


I have to live here now. Me, a sophisticated Londoner, coming to live in the back of beyond, Woop-Woop-by-the-Sea.

The humans are ok, I suppose but the cats! - well, I hate them. They hate me too.

I growl at them. I look fierce.

They growl at me. The females do, anyway; the boys just run away, silly little scaredy-cats.

Rachel says it will all be fine.



  1. Poor puss! I'm sure Rachel is right, things will settle down and you will be alright. Even Londoners move out to the country and enjoy it you know...

  2. Mary ,East Coventry USA13 September 2011 at 02:31

    Dear Catkin, it will get better soon. And you will see how lovely it is to live in the country with Rachel and your new cat/dog family. You surely are a pretty girl!

  3. There comes a time for many city girls when they decide that the country is the place to be. Enough of the noise and dirt, and the mean city streets. Enough of frenetic living. Bring on clean air, gardens and woodland, freedom to roam, and time to bask in the sun.
    Rachel is finding this to be so. You will also!
    Welcome to blogland, Catkin!

  4. catkin is a sweet name ... you have officially tipped over & into the lands of crazy cat lady - lucky you. We look forward to all reports about this delicate transition period.

    we love you for your constant caring & kindness

    much love to all,
    les chats de Rue LeNoire,
    Bleetness, Oliver & Virgil

  5. Catkin - she's even given you a countrified name!! What about something more "street"!?

    Give the bumpkins a chance though - they might surprise you. Millie in particular is a fearless little miss who will surely be able to show you best spots in the neighbourhood and think of the fun you can have lording it over and scaring the boys on the regular basis....

    And I haven't even started on those "dog" creatures lurking around with their slathering tongues.

    Have courage, brave city cat, cast adrift in the boondocks!!

  6. Dear Catkin, you need to know that couldn't have come to a better home. Everyone tires of London anyway, and you'll have so much exploring to do in Zummerzet. So, less of the growling please . . . I should call you Grizabella - and drop the Griza, letter by letter, as you learn to count your blessings.