Monday, 2 May 2011

Evening Chorus

It's not just the birds who sing from on high, you know.

I do too.

I have perfect pitch.

People stand in the street below and remark on my voice. Rachel says I remind her of Alessandro Moreschi in more ways than one.

She loves to hear me perform.


Cultural enrichment of the neighbourhood, I call it.


  1. Careful, or you'll have all those lovely students complaining, and then they'd refuse to live in the area, and Rachel might decide that it's not so bad after all, and then you'd never end up living in the country!

  2. Scooter says: Complaining? COMPLAINING? Why would they complain? Anyway, I can do rap too.....

  3. Mary ,East Coventry USA3 May 2011 at 01:31

    Oh solo meowwwww! Scooter- I think it's lovely singing from the heights! Could you work on a performance of "Cats"?

  4. One of my late lamented cats used to sit in the middle of the living room at about 11am and make the most eerie oooOOOoo noises. Thank goodness she never did it at 11pm! (Although she did once scare me silly by unexpectedly opening the wardrobe door from the inside in the middle of the night)

  5. Ask Rachel if she will put up a video of you singing. We would love to hear you.