Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tears before bedtime

There we were, just settling down comfortably for the night, when Flossie came in and saw us. She didn't want to share her bed with us, apparently, but went next door and whined at Rachel, who came to see what was the matter.

For once, Rachel was sensible. "Just get in with them, Floss!" she said. "Plenty of room for you all!"

But Scooter got out; he didn't like to see Flossie upset.

(Scooter: "and I didn't want to be squashed by her either...")

I stayed put. What was her problem?

Later, Flossie tried to make a point about our own beds.

She fails to grasp that there is no Hers and Ours in this house.

There is only Ours and Ours.

Just as it should be.


  1. Mary ,East Coventry USA10 March 2011 at 14:49

    These photos are priceless! It's a dreary,rainy,very grey day here and this just made my day. Your writing,photos,and sense of humor are wonderful. Thank you- really enjoy your blogs so much.

  2. Pecking order obviously doesn't relate to size in any way!

  3. We woofies and kitties have to show the pawrents what we are saying by our actions. My Mom is real slow sometimes, but she's learning. Mom enjoyed the way you blog.
    She says she has 2 awards she'd like to give you if you'd just come by and pick them up.
    One is the Awesome Blog Award and the other is The Stylish Blog Award. Tell 7 things others may not know about you. I chose 'Kassey' to talk about.


  4. I'm sorry Millie but Flossie is a supermodel in the making (so photogenic) so perhaps she needs her beauty sleep to be undisturbed?? x x

  5. That made me laugh. The same thing happens here every evening. If the dogs go to bed in Dog Beds at night, they are often consigned to the floor by morning and cats have taken over!

  6. once again, Rachel, you've made me snort, then laugh out loud... really LOUD! Thank you, you clever lady!

  7. Ah Flossie, I, too, do not understand cats and their demand to own all. However I have learned that if you just roll over on them they do get out of the way. - Abbydog (We don't have blogs or accounts. Too much trouble to maintain. It's much more fun to bark the news.)

  8. Oh I wish my animals had got on like yours do.