Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mi cama es tu cama, Scooter

Flossie here.

I am learning Spanish while I sit waiting patiently in the hall.

I can't get into my bed; it's in use.

So I have to wait.

Scooter is trampling my fleecy blanket. He's purring loudly, and Rachel thinks he might even be drooling.

I'm not getting into bed until he's gone away, taking those sharp claws with him.

I like Scooter a lot, but he really is a bit bonkers.

I mean, loco.


  1. He's been stressed by the invader, and needs the comfort of the familiar. He'll be in your bed with you next!

  2. I expect if Estorbo was not on bacation he would have something to say.
    Cheer up, Senorita least you are not dressed like a dog I saw this morning.(Ask Rachel to click my Flickr link.)

  3. Beansie has a similar fleece blanket that while holding firmly in a bite with a glazed look in his eye, he, call the fleece his girlfriend.

  4. Scooter thinks Beansie is very rude. Very rude indeed.....

  5. Mary ,East Coventry USA24 January 2011 at 21:18

    Oh Flossie- not only are you a sweet,patient girl,but so intelligent! Learning Spanish!

  6. What a good girl to be so patient with Scooter. Spanish? Are you planning a sunny vacation?

  7. Dear Team,

    ou et m. Mliile ?

    best regards

    ping, pow, poof, zoom
    off I go parkouring around ... just for the fun of it